Terrazzo in-situ/tiled repairs

At Clintworth (Marble & Terrazzo) Ltd, we specialise in repairing in-situ and tiled Terrazzo flooring and staircases from cracks, damage, holes and damage to stair nosing’s etc.

TerrazzoOur specialist craftsmen have vast experience using modern and traditional repair techniques.  We have worked in a number of Historic/listed buildings making good, repairing, restoring and polishing in-situ flooring.

Some of these buildings are in excess of 100 years old, while some are relatively new buildings including Terminals 1 & 2 at Manchester Airport, where there have been holes drilled into tiled flooring and smashed/damaged stair nosing’s which needed repairing.

Diamond polishing In-situ and Tiled Terrazzo flooring

We utilise the latest, dust free diamond grinding and polishing technology available, and can adapt to any given project, from a small entrance area to a large commercial premises.

Lay in-situ

In-situ terrazzo

We our one of the few companies in the UK who can lay and polish in-situ, using traditional techniques and materials combined with the latest technology, either to match original (often over 100 years old), or as a newly laid project.

Specialist cleaning and renovation

We can resurface, deep clean, renovate, refurbish, and restore Terrazzo flooring, coving, skirting, strings, walling and seal on completion of works.


We can supply and fix pre-cast Terrazzo, match existing, or manufacture to your specifications, from treads and risers, coving, toilet partitions to skirting or walling.

Other services

Our other services include:

  • Supply, fix and refurbishment of Victorian (Geometric) floor & Victorian wall tiles.
  • Supply, fix and restoration of Marble Mosaics.
  • Specialist in epoxy resin repairs.
  • Supply and fix of non-slip strips/discs and K-Grip to Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Stone stair edgings to comply with DDA legislation.